I’d like to get an airplane pilot certificate. Does Universal Air Academy offer airplane flight training?

YES— Universal Air Academy encourages all helicopter pilots to eventually obtain an airplane pilot certificate just to be familiar with a different view of aviation. We operate both high and low wing single-engine airplanes, as well as multi-engine airplanes. Qualified airplane flight instructors will guide you with ease according to Part 141 standards and Part 61 standards.

Helicopter Flight Training | Pilot License School: Universal Air Academy

[Headquaters] El Monte Airport
[Address] 4233 Santa Anita Ave. Unit 13
[City] El Monte, California 91731 USA
[Tel] 1-626-454-5254
[Fax] 1-626-454-5258

[Location 2] Brackett Airport
[Address] 1925 Mckinley Ave. Ste H
[City] La Verne, California 91750 USA
[Tel] 1-909-596-9284
[Fax] 1-909-596-9260

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2 Responses to “I’d like to get an airplane pilot certificate. Does Universal Air Academy offer airplane flight training?”

  1. remote control helicopter Says:

    Send more information like this my way. The web needs more great blogs like this in order to survive

  2. Universal Air Academy Says:

    Thank you very much for your comment! Flight Training always feels like something that is out of our reach. But it is not impossible to reach. There are student pilots that are fortunate enough to time-wise and financial-wise “wiz” through the classes and become a pilot.

    We cannot speak for all of the pilots out in the world, but we do know that there are many pilots that had succeeded that started off by working hard, time-wise and financial-wise to make it a dream come true.

    It’s not easy to become a pilot but it is “do-able” for those who pursue it. And Universal Air Academy is in El Monte Airport for Helicopter and Airplane Pilot Training for those that REALLY want to fly!

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