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What does it take to get my Helicopter Add-on?

May 31, 2010

First of all, what is an “Add-On?”  Here’s a Quick Ref.

PILOT CERTIFICATES – Universal Air Academy Inc

  • Student Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Recreational Pilot
  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilot(ATP)

Each Pilot Certificate has its own unique Privileges and Limitation. Most of the time you will hear the majority of the people who fly say, “the first license” is the “Private Pilot Certificate.”  There’s nothing wrong with that.  If I were to quickly explain about “pilot certification” to somebody, I’ll probably choose to say the same. However, technically, that’s not correct.  The “Student Pilot Certificate” would be the first pilot certificate that you pursue, get and earn. Then comes the rest.

Within the various types of pilot certificates, as you receive your ground and flight training with an authorized flight instructor, you get the privilege of flying an airplane based on a student pilot certificate, or for example, a helicopter based on a student pilot certificate.  In order to obtain and be able to exercise the privileges of a student pilot certificate, there are specific requirements that you have to meet and the Certified Flight Instructor, commonly known as a CFI, will guide your training so that it meets those requirements pertaining to the aircraft that you are going to be flying.  Email us if you would like to know the requirements for a specific aircraft.

If you want to get your Private Pilot Certificate, one of the requirements is to have a student pilot certificate.  Along with all the other  requirements, eventually, the CFI will guide you and sign you off to go on a “test”, commonly refered to as the “CHECKRIDE.”  This is where you will be checked to see if you meet all the requirements that you must have to obtain the pilot certificate that you are seeking, then have Knowledge Oral Examination, followed by a Flight Test.  Once you demonstrate your skills and decision-making and knowledge and found to be within the standards, you will be granted the Pilot Certificate.

So, what does everybody do with the Private Pilot Certificate that they get?  Well, some people store it. Some people fly on weekend just to enjoy the privilege that he/she earned.  Some people continue on with training for other Pilot Certificates and “category ” and “class” and “types.” 

This is where the term “ADD-ON” is used.  If you are already an airplane private pilot certificate holder and you want to become a holder of a helicopter pilot certificate, you will need to receive additional training to meet the requirements in the Regulation. Once you meet all the requirements and obtain a different category or class aircraft privilege, your pilot certificate will be replaced with an updated version and the list of different types and ratings that you have will increase. 

If you have any questions about what you can add-on to your pilot certificate, you can email us and we can guide you to see what we have to offer.  Send Email.

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Do you have everything you need for the flight?

May 27, 2010

I remember a training flight with a student that I flew with and we were trying to meet one of the cross country flight requirements towards a commercial rating. 

I usually have everything that I need.  It could be anything from the basic pilot items like the Current Aeronautical Chart for the area that you intend to fly in, a headset(that works) for you and the passenger(s), a flash light for preflight inspections and post flight inspections regardless of day or night and the list goes on and on.

Well, that’s probably good enough, right? So, what did my student do? He didn’t come with anything except for the following:

  1. his iPhone and his wallet and his car keys;
  2. a Garmin GPS (with no extra battery nor auxiliary/external power unit);
  3. information about when the restaurant on Montgomery Field (MYF) closes.

The entire flight actually came out to be a very good flight. We learned that back in those days, if you had a cellular phone with an area code New York for example, and called 1-800-WX-BRIEF from it in San Diego, you get to talk to some body in New York giving you weather for San Diego.  I’m sorry if I’m wrong, but no worries anymore!  It’s FIXED!

We learned that the GPS is a great aid for flying, but when the battery dies during the day time, it’s not too bad.  But for some reason, if you lose the battery during night-time, you get really worried for about a second or two. But eventually, figure out that a chart works good enough.

We learned how weather can change along the shore before you walk into a restaurant to have dinner to the time that you walk out of the restaurant. And I also learned that the “Get-There-itis” is true.  We modified our route of flight, airspeed and therefore the ETA not based on the aircraft performance, weather, and ATC like we had planned; but based on making sure that we get to the restaurant before they take “last orders.”

There was a list of things that came up in my mind during the flight, that I didn’t need at that time but wished I had in case I do need it. I wish I had noted it as I thought of it.  Because the only thing that I can remember, today are “the DOORS”.

By Editor

I haven’t flown for over 3 years, I wanna get it done this time. How much will it cost me?

May 24, 2010

The “feeling of accomplishment” is always something that make you feel great.  And may be that’s why alot of pilots and gonna-be-pilots keep flying! 

The moment that you start an engine you hear the sound that shakes you up. You get the sensation very similar to those you get at your favorite artists concert.  There’s a lot of noise but the moment everybody hears the “key sound,” you know it’s time to get up on your feet.

As you prepare for takeoff, it’s just like the prelude. When Air Traffic Controller say, “Cleared for Takeoff;” the heat is on!

The more you do it the more you wanna do it. When you get the hang of it, you wanna do-it-yourself.  When you know you can do-it-yourself, then you wanna do it better and better and better!

What’s your next level of accomplishment in aviation? If you already started your training but stopped for whatever reason, how about you start again from where you left off. It’s guaranteed satisfaction when you pass that checkride and get your pilot certificate in your mailbox.

Here’s the current hourly rate sheet for aircraft rental.  Email us or visit us and bring your pilot logbook in along with you.  Let us see if you can get your pilot license this summer or sooner.

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Do you have any logbooks other than Black, Brown, Blue? How about Pink?

May 16, 2010

If you are looking for “style” in piloting, it’s not an easy task.  Would you agree? 

What should you wear when you fly? Something safe? or something more practical?  What should you take with you when you fly? One complete set of survival gears and equipment? or just a chart and a headset?

What color is your flight bag? What brand is it? Where do you purchase pilot supplies. Where can I find more options?  Well, these are things that come across pilot’s’ mind all the time, but most pilots simply compromise with what’s easy to buy. There are only a handful of popular brands and pilot shops.

But don’t give up if you didn’t find what you are looking for in popular brands and popular pilot shops.  Because you can get a whloe lot of things customized to match your “style.” It may cost a little bit more but if flying is something special for you that you are doing, it may be worth it.

How about a PINK logbook? Guess what? We were just told the other day that you can get it from this website. She said, “Girls Fly TOO!