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I was wondering how much a helicopter ride is?

September 27, 2010

If you have no prior experience or if you have not been checked out to fly at Universal Air Academy at either of our location(El Monte or Brackett), you can experience a flight lesson for 30 to an hour and learn to fly either a helicopter or an airplane.

If you are looking for a flight school for a friend of yours that is interested in flying or a family member that “wants” to fly, you can offer them a flight as a “gift certificate.”

It is one of the best gift that gets appreciated by the person whom receives it. Flying is a “dream” for many people and your gift will definitely be a one that will be remembered because you are the one that makes the “dream come true.”

Please, call 1-626-454-5254 and ask for the options that we have for gift certificates. The front desk operators will gladly assist you!

30 minutes in an airplane with a flight instructor that will safely introduce the “first-time student pilot” how to handle the airplane is around $70.

30 minutes in a helicopter with a flight instructor that will safely introduce the “first-time student pilot” how to handle the helicopter is around $130.

Universal Air Academy

I have a time restriction. Will I be able to complete my training?

September 24, 2010

Qualified flight instructors at Universal Air Academy provide dedicated training to each individual’s goal based on industry standard Jeppesen flight training syllabus for airplane flight training, and Robinson helicopter flight training guide for the helicopter flight training provided by the helicopter manufacture.

Your flight training will be evaluated in accordance to the standards provided by the flight training syllabus by the flight instructors. The instructors will provide guidance for students to enhance their flight training to meet their goals.

If you’re flight training is time sensitive, contact us for planning your flight training and we will provide you with the best plan for you.