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I want to get my flight training with my favorite airplane and my favorite instructor.

October 16, 2010

Quite often, we have customers at the flight school that have a favorite airplane to fly in and a favorite instructor to fly with. That’s great! As long as you schedule in advance, you will be able to schedule with no problem. But there are times in your flight training, where you may fly with a different instructor. When could that be?

  1. When there is an unexpected scheduling adjustment due to weather, aircraft maintenance, or delayed flights.
  2. Stage Checks (which is a flight where the training curriculum will have another instructor see and make a friendly evaluation) to get second opinions on how you are progressing.
  3. When the instructor has flown over his/her allowed limits( In any 24-consecutive-hour period, a flight instructor may not conduct more than 8 hours of flight training by law. – 14 CFR 61.195)

So, when the time comes, don’t worry. It’s only one flight or two that you miss your favorite instructor and airplane.  It’s not the end of the world.

But what happens if there is an instructor that get’s hired by an airline company and now you “really” can not fly with your favorite instructor any more? Humm. Unfortunately, what we can say is, “that’s just the way it is.” (in this case) But, still, no worries.  Flight instructors will work it out to make sure that you will get introduced to your new flight instructor and your training will be followed up by either you Pilot Logbook entries that your favorite instructor entered, or by the student record folder so your transition from the “old” instructor to the “new” instructor will be seamlessly conducted in an efficient manner.

By the way, the same goes with helicopter flight training!