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I haven’t flown for over 3 years, I wanna get it done this time. How much will it cost me?

May 24, 2010

The “feeling of accomplishment” is always something that make you feel great.  And may be that’s why alot of pilots and gonna-be-pilots keep flying! 

The moment that you start an engine you hear the sound that shakes you up. You get the sensation very similar to those you get at your favorite artists concert.  There’s a lot of noise but the moment everybody hears the “key sound,” you know it’s time to get up on your feet.

As you prepare for takeoff, it’s just like the prelude. When Air Traffic Controller say, “Cleared for Takeoff;” the heat is on!

The more you do it the more you wanna do it. When you get the hang of it, you wanna do-it-yourself.  When you know you can do-it-yourself, then you wanna do it better and better and better!

What’s your next level of accomplishment in aviation? If you already started your training but stopped for whatever reason, how about you start again from where you left off. It’s guaranteed satisfaction when you pass that checkride and get your pilot certificate in your mailbox.

Here’s the current hourly rate sheet for aircraft rental.  Email us or visit us and bring your pilot logbook in along with you.  Let us see if you can get your pilot license this summer or sooner.

Flight School in California

I want to learn how to talk on the radio? Is there any studying material that you recommend?

February 10, 2010

YES— There are various great and easy to understand books that explain radio communication procedures for aviation. Once you start your training, your instructor will teach you about radio communication at some point and refer to specific books to read before you come to class. But for the mean time, if you’d like to listen to the actual radio communication you can visit a website called, “” Somebody has put a lot of effort in this website and we should all thank him or her or them!

In your website you say “0(zero) to COM.” What do you mean by “0(zero).” Does it mean “from nothing?”

February 10, 2010

YES— This is another way of saying, “I have no prior flying experience but I’d like to start taking lessons and work my way towards up to a Commercial Pilot Certificate.”

I’d like to get an airplane pilot certificate. Does Universal Air Academy offer airplane flight training?

February 10, 2010

YES— Universal Air Academy encourages all helicopter pilots to eventually obtain an airplane pilot certificate just to be familiar with a different view of aviation. We operate both high and low wing single-engine airplanes, as well as multi-engine airplanes. Qualified airplane flight instructors will guide you with ease according to Part 141 standards and Part 61 standards.

Helicopter Flight Training | Pilot License School: Universal Air Academy

[Headquaters] El Monte Airport
[Address] 4233 Santa Anita Ave. Unit 13
[City] El Monte, California 91731 USA
[Tel] 1-626-454-5254
[Fax] 1-626-454-5258

[Location 2] Brackett Airport
[Address] 1925 Mckinley Ave. Ste H
[City] La Verne, California 91750 USA
[Tel] 1-909-596-9284
[Fax] 1-909-596-9260

I was impressed with the teaching techniques at Universal Air Academy. I’d like to learn more and eventually work towards my CFI. Do you provide CFI training?

February 10, 2010

YES— We have qualified instructors that will guide you through the training to become a Certified Flight Instructor. We recommend everyone flying helicopters to get their instructor’s certificate. It is not an easy certificate to get, but it is worth getting. It will open a whole new world to your aviation life.

I got my training in a Schweizer. I have no previous experience in a Robinson Helicopter but I am thinking of getting familiar with them and getting checked out. Are the Robinson Helicopters safe?

February 10, 2010

YES— Any FAA approved aircraft is safe.

I got my flight training elsewhere but the flight school did not let me rent the helicopter solo or with a passenger? Can I go fly with a passenger at Universal Air Academy?

February 10, 2010

YES— As long as you have a Private Pilot Certificate and have completed the Robinson Helicopter Company Safety Course, you are eligible to rent a helicopter.  Please schedule a flight over the phone or live chat for an aircraft “check out.”

How is the weather and winds at El Monte? Will I be able to practice in calm wind when I start my flight training?

February 9, 2010

YES— For initial training El Monte is the BEST airport. You can check the weather for all the airports in the LA Basin in the morning. The winds are nice and calm and the sky conditions are usually great or fair for training. In the afternoon the winds will pick up gradually just enough to enhance the training. Elsewhere, you would always have to be blown around by the wind and not understand if it you or the wind that’s flying the aircraft.

I do wear glasses. Can I still become a pilot?

February 7, 2010

YES— When it comes to the eyes or other body related or medical issues, there are FAA designated Medical Examiners that specialize in medical conditions for pilots. You must consult the Medical Examiner. If, you would like to schedule a medical examination to see if you are physically fit to become a pilot, we will be more than happy to refer you to a FAA Medical Examiner. Please, contact us for further information. There are many pilots in the world that wear eye glasses.

Can I be a safe pilot with 40 hours of flight training?

February 7, 2010

YES— In order to be certified as a private pilot, the regulations ensure that you have at least 40 hours of flight time. We do not know how accurate the numbers are but the national average is said to be somewhere between 60 to 80 hours to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate. As far as “safety” is concerned, there are many safe pilots that only have 40 hours; on the other hand, there are many pilots that are not-safe pilots although they have thousands of hours. So, the total hours do matter to some extent, but otherwise, it’s not about how many hours you have. What kind of hours you have is more important to be a safe pilot.

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