I haven’t flown for over 3 years, I wanna get it done this time. How much will it cost me?

The “feeling of accomplishment” is always something that make you feel great.  And may be that’s why alot of pilots and gonna-be-pilots keep flying! 

The moment that you start an engine you hear the sound that shakes you up. You get the sensation very similar to those you get at your favorite artists concert.  There’s a lot of noise but the moment everybody hears the “key sound,” you know it’s time to get up on your feet.

As you prepare for takeoff, it’s just like the prelude. When Air Traffic Controller say, “Cleared for Takeoff;” the heat is on!

The more you do it the more you wanna do it. When you get the hang of it, you wanna do-it-yourself.  When you know you can do-it-yourself, then you wanna do it better and better and better!

What’s your next level of accomplishment in aviation? If you already started your training but stopped for whatever reason, how about you start again from where you left off. It’s guaranteed satisfaction when you pass that checkride and get your pilot certificate in your mailbox.

Here’s the current hourly rate sheet for aircraft rental.  Email us or visit us and bring your pilot logbook in along with you.  Let us see if you can get your pilot license this summer or sooner.

Flight School in California

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